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Hi there! My name is Christopher Aceves, and I'm your Credit Repair Strategists.

I've been passionate about Credit and Building Business' and Leveraging other people’s money and time for over 10 years but really got hands on experience with Credit Repair 5 years ago. . I understand Credit and what Credit can do to someone who does not know how to utilize it. Not knowing how to utilize it can cause more harm than not. Having Access to credit can be a two edged sword. It can do good for you or bad for you. I am here to help you manage that.

I'll be sharing tips and tricks to get the best results and usage of your credit at any point of your journey to Excellent Credit. I believe that unless you know what it's like to have bad credit and how limited you are to success and in America with standard income it could be very challenging but Good Credit can be the life jacket for many, and I'm excited to help you to help you achieve your goals and be part of your story to success.

When I'm not doing Credit Repair, you can usually find me reading my Bible, making disciples or spending time with My beautiful Family.

Are you ready to unlock a world of financial opportunities?

Our proven credit repair services have helped countless individuals achieve remarkable credit score improvements, paving the way for homeownership, lower interest rates, and increased financial freedom.

On average, our clients see a 50-165 point increase on their credit score in just 1-6 months! We are confident we can give anyone this

The credit system is flawed, and nearly 79% of all reports have errors that can lower your score. But you have rights and we know how to use them to your benefit!

The law gives you the right to dispute any item on your credit report and if those items cannot be verified, they must be removed.

So we send personalized dispute letters to the bureaus on your behalf.

If they can't prove it, they must remove it! And we are very good at this!

Hi Chris 👋🏼I got the Property Manager position🙏🏽🎉 Thank you Jesus 🙌🏼I am thinking about getting the Amazon visa that you suggested but also a Costco credit card since I will probably be purchasing TV or furniture from there as well. what do you think? And is there any tricks to getting bigger credit line??Thanks in advance.

Marrisa T.

Chris, I just wanted to say thank you !!! Today I received this notification that a repo has been removed and so was the balance from my credit report it boosted my credit up 33 points Im very glad I went thru with the decision to fix my credit thru Montx!!! This is a blessing to my family and another step closer to be able to refinance our house for a lower rate. Thank you Chris!!! God Bless!!

Eric A.

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